I believe that this artwork shouldn't live on our computers. If you don't know the story of how I became a photographer, here's why I strongly believe in printed memories:

My grandma took pictures of everything. Firsts, birthdays, lazy summer days, all the things. When she passed away a week before Christmas during my freshman year of college, I remember sitting down as a family on the floor in her and my grandpa's house just going through her albums of photos. There were dozens of printed albums. Flipping through those pages upon pages of her life, my mom's, and my siblings' and my life, brought back memories I had forgotten I even had. The snuggles on my grandparents' laps when they were reading to us, the times they would be folding their sheets after being hung outside to dry and them swinging us around before finishing folding them, the sports games, and halloween costumes, and so much more. Being able to hold those moments in my hand gave me a feeling that I still can't put into words. I just know that there is something so important about those photos being printed for us to hold onto instead of being lost on a computer or flash drive somewhere. That is why I believe that your memories should be printed. 

Is it an investment to print them out instead of just only getting a digital copy? Yes. But frankly, the experience and the memories are worth even more than that. This will be a lifetime purchase. I still have my printed senior photos. I love pulling them out every once in a while and sparking memories that get buried underneath life as it happens. 

I feel that as a photographer, I would be doing you a disservice if I didn't offer you this artwork and doing this step for you, so that you can cherish the memories and moments and one day pass them on to your family to enjoy with you. This also completes the whole process. The stories you can share just because a photo is hung up on the wall and someone says, "Hey, tell me about that day!"

A moment you can hold in your hand

Print Products

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One 16x20 Canvas
5x7 Acrylic Block
5 Gift Prints

romp collection

One 16x20 Canvas
5x7 Acrylic Block
5 Gift Prints

escapade collection

4x4 Heirloom Album with 10 images
One 16x20 Canvas
5x7 Acrylic Block
10 Gift Prints

wander collection

most popular!

8x8 Heirloom Album with 20 images
One 16x20 Canvas
One 20x24 Canvas
5x7 Acrylic Block
15 Gift Prints

adventure collection

8x8 Heirloom Album with 20 images
Two 16x20 Canvases
Two 20x24 Canvases
5x7 Acrylic Block
20 Gift Prints

quest collection

Collections are an absolutely perfect way to end your BJP Senior Experience! These packages were hand-designed by me to be value-packed and to provide you with the best bang for your buck! What a great way to get all of the most popular products that Brianna Joy Photography has to offer.

From wall art to albums and even gift prints you can share with the whole family, collections serve all your needs while having your favorite images from this special season printed in the highest quality manner that will last for decades to come!


This album has an acrylic cover and holds 25 images.


This album is made with hand-crafted suede leather and holds 40 images.

10x10 heirloom album

After high school is over, you will leave your graduation with a diploma, head knowledge, & your pictures.... that’s it! All of that hard work, studying, and preparation is over in a matter of hours! So, if you’re choosing to invest in high quality photography, those images deserve a classy & elegant home after you graduate. I offer two different kinds of albums. The first is a handcrafted, luxury, leather-bound heirloom album. The images are printed straight onto the pages and the covers are wrapped with 100% natural Italian leather and come with 40 of your favorite images. The second, is a beautiful 8x10 Acrylic Cover album with 25 of your favorite photos! An album is the perfect ending to The Senior Experience and it’s a keepsake heirloom that you can show your children and grandchildren one day [even though you're not thinking about that yet ;)]


Custom colored, linen box with your name or grad year; holds 25 images.

8x10 mounted prints

The Folio Box is very similar to an album, except that it is not bound together. One of it's greatest advantages? You can choose your favorites from the box and frame the images and place them on your desk, hang them on your wall, and some can even stay home with mom and others can go with you on your next adventure in the dorm or your new apartment when you decide it's time to move out. These boxes come with a custom linen color box personalized with your name or grad year, and inside, your favorite 25 images printed on durable artboard.


Folio Boxes

These come in sizes 30x40, 24x36, 20x30, 20x24, and 16x20.

canvas and metal Artwork

Each have varying sized pieces that fit well together for a special place in your home.

canvas or metal Assortments

These come in sizes 30x40, 24x36, 20x30, and 16x20.

acrylic Artwork

This is where the fun can really begin! Whether you want one large statement piece or a mix of smaller pieces that create a fun, in-home gallery, wall art is the way to go. I offer pieces in canvas, metal, or acrylic to fit your home decor and style. From a 16x20 to 30x40 or bigger if that's what you fancy, I am here to make your home feel exactly the way you want it to, and what you hang on your walls does exactly that!

Wall Art

These come in sets of 48.


These come in sets of 25.


These come in sets of 5 or 10.

gift prints

The perfect way to round out your print order. These items can only be purchased after another item such as a package or a la carte item is purchased. Add-ons include: gift prints (8x10 or smaller), grad announcements, or wallet sets for you to hand out to friends! These are items that you don't want to forget and they'll enhance your experience even more.



“Bri did a great job at catching moments where I felt like myself, it sounds strange, but in all the photos that she took I look like I’m being myself and not “posing” which I love. I also could seriously see her light up while taking photos. I love how passionate she is. Bri was so encouraging and empowering. She can catch those special moments of confidence in your photos and that paired with her eye for the editing makes these pictures my favorite pictures of myself!”


“Bri is so good at encouragement and listening! She made me feel so pretty in my pictures and listened to all my requests AND everything I shared with her. She was more of my friend than my photographer! I loved that she made me a personal playlist and we were jamming out to my favorite music and she formed a relationship with me before our session so I felt more comfortable being around her and being myself!! She’s just the best at capturing the candid moments! She took some really sweet pictures when I didn't even know you were paying attention! And those are some of my favorites!”


"Bri is such a sweet person who is very talented at what she does! She took the time to get to know me, and it was a really fun experience. Sometimes it feels awkward when you’re posing for someone when they’re taking your picture, but I felt the complete opposite when Bri was taking my pictures! She will direct you, so you do not have to be an experienced model by any means. I 10/10 recommend reaching out to her, you won’t regret it! And, you’ll get some super cool pictures done!"


“Bri is definitely the best at boosting confidence! After our session I felt amazing and beautiful! And definitely her editing skills and capturing the best photos! I enjoyed literally every second, even in the cold! She was just so bubbly and made the session amazing and I felt like even if I had no clue what poses I needed to do she’s help show it :) Bri is best at definitely making everyone feel comfortable! She knew what poses for me to do and made the vibe of it amazing and fun!”

Kind words from my clients: