We all endure things in life that can make or break us. I know that everyone has their own story; where you've come from, what you've had to endure, and I know you each have your own unique calling on your life. High school can be a very exciting time in life, but it can also be incredibly challenging. Our culture pushes fitting in, looking a certain way, and being good at certain things, and if we don't fit those standards, we can feel pushed out and less than. I don't want you to feel that way about this season of life or your senior photos.

That is why I am SO passionate about helping you tell your story!

I don't just want to take your pictures. I want to truly get to know you and create an experience that embraces who you are. I want to explore this world with you and I want to help you find your purpose, know your worth, and live out how much strength you truly have!

How do you know if this is for you?
If you are embracing the journey as it comes and while it isn't easy, you're still finding joy in the little moments. If you're pursuing big dreams even when they scare you. If you're a risk-taker and adventurer and want to explore it all! If you love to find reasons to smile and laugh, even through hard times. If you're quiet but want to come out of your shell more... Then this is the photography experience is for you! 

A girl with a big heart who wants to help empower young women to believe fully in themselves and be confident in who they are

Meet Brianna Joy

I believe that life is lived better without any service. Camping, backpacking, adventuring!! 24 hours without your phone?! I dare you! Let's get out there and see this crazy, beautiful world we have been blessed with. Where do you want to go first?

i believe that life is better lived without any service

I am obsessed with Chipotle (or any Mexican food for that matter)! Steak bowl + a margarita? Sign me up any day! However, my budget sure doesn't like me now that Chipotle delivers and I just need a pick me up while I'm editing. 

i am obsessed with chipotle

I have been bitten by a horse. No joke! I love horses, but he and I? We're no longer friends. You should ask me about the whole story sometime. It had to do with summer camp, a trail ride, and a whole bunch of school-aged city girls. It's worth a listen. 

i have been bitten by a horse

Some days I just need a long drive with my dog and some loud music. No plan, no time limit. Just me and the open road. Time to reset. Time to think. Time away from any obligations. Anyone else need that every once in a while?

i'm a Road Trip Extraordinaire

Game nights are always time well spent, just don't bring Monopoly... Some good options include: catchphrase, jenga, clue, uno, sorry, and I'm pretty decent at trivia. Thanks grandpa for all those Jepoardy episodes after school!

i love game nights

I'm a bit of an adrenaline junky and some things on my bucket list I have always wanted to try are: bull riding, mounted archery, and jousting. No damsel in distress over here! ;) ... Just don't tell my mom if you see me trying these things, she might have a heart attack.

i'm a bit of an adrenaline junky

Rodeos, state fairs, and backpacking trips are how you will find me spending time when I am not photographing or location scouting. I also love to read and cook - especially on chilly or rainy days. My signature dish is cajun shrimp alfredo. 

i'm not just your photographer..

I believe in always trusting your gut. You know that feeling? When you know you should make a decision a certain way or you just feel like a situation is a little bit off. Your brain just says, "red flag" but you can't put your finger on it. Trust it. Mine hasn't been wrong yet.

i believe in always trusting your gut

I'm a southern girl at heart. I love weeping willow trees and wraparound porches. Give me some sweet tea while listening to the crickets chirp, smelling fresh cut grass, and watching the sunset. Hello perfect day!

i'm a southern girl at heart

more fun facts

Fun Facts About Bri


“Bri did a great job at catching moments where I felt like myself, it sounds strange, but in all the photos that she took I look like I’m being myself and not “posing” which I love. I also could seriously see her light up while taking photos. I love how passionate she is. Bri was so encouraging and empowering. She can catch those special moments of confidence in your photos and that paired with her eye for the editing makes these pictures my favorite pictures of myself!”


“Bri is so good at encouragement and listening! She made me feel so pretty in my pictures and listened to all my requests AND everything I shared with her. She was more of my friend than my photographer! I loved that she made me a personal playlist and we were jamming out to my favorite music and she formed a relationship with me before our session so I felt more comfortable being around her and being myself!! She’s just the best at capturing the candid moments! She took some really sweet pictures when I didn't even know you were paying attention! And those are some of my favorites!”


"Bri is such a sweet person who is very talented at what she does! She took the time to get to know me, and it was a really fun experience. Sometimes it feels awkward when you’re posing for someone when they’re taking your picture, but I felt the complete opposite when Bri was taking my pictures! She will direct you, so you do not have to be an experienced model by any means. I 10/10 recommend reaching out to her, you won’t regret it! And, you’ll get some super cool pictures done!"


“Bri is definitely the best at boosting confidence! After our session I felt amazing and beautiful! And definitely her editing skills and capturing the best photos! I enjoyed literally every second, even in the cold! She was just so bubbly and made the session amazing and I felt like even if I had no clue what poses I needed to do she’s help show it :) Bri is best at definitely making everyone feel comfortable! She knew what poses for me to do and made the vibe of it amazing and fun!”

Kind words from my clients: