Everyone has their own story; where they've come from, what they've had to endure, and their own unique purpose for their life.
I am passionate about telling your story! I want to get to know you and create a photography experience that embraces who you are. 
I want to explore this world with you.
I want to help you: find your purpose, know your worth, and live out how much strength you truly have!

How do you know if this is for you?
If you are embracing the journey as it comes and while it isn't easy, you're still finding joy in the little moments. If you're pursuing big dreams even when they scare you. If you're a risk-taker and adventurer and want to explore it all! If you love to find reasons to smile and laugh, even through hard times. If you're quiet but want to come out of your shell more. . .

Then this is the photography experience is for you!

fiery and playful - That's me!
I am so incredibly passionate about helping young women discover who they are and how much value they have! Let's find your inner warrior together!

hey there, gorgeous!

I'M Bri! jesus follower, Dog MOM, photographer, AND explorer

who am i?

I believe in ALWAYS trusting your gut!

Laughter is the BEST medicine! Just don't forget to add an icy glass of strawberry lemonade too. ;)

I believe in knowing your value. Learning to love ourselves impacts how we love, serve, and see others.

I believe in fuzzy socks, puppy snuggles, & an extra hot caramel macchiato while reading in front of a crackling fire!

One of the biggest lies I tell myself is that I am only going to eat half that pint of ice cream. Yeah, that never happens.

I love wrap around porches and weeping willow trees, smelling the freshly cut grass, listening to the crickets chirp, watching the fireflies dance as it begins to get dark.

I've been bitten by a horse. I still love horses, but he and I are no longer friends. Ask me about the whole story sometime!

Sometimes, I just feel stuck, so I grab my pup and jump in the truck and just drive. I love seeing the sites and going on an adventure! I am certain I have done more than my fair share of trespassing...shhh!
Wanna come?

Hello Criminal Minds or Jeopardy and Chipotle delivery!! goodbye $40/month. 
(Netflix made me do it!) 

The fastest way to my heart? Trader Joe's cookie butter! Creamy, sweet, deliciousness in a jar. Bring that & some brain teasers and I am hooked!!

I believe game nights are always time well spent...unless Monopoly is involved. Seriously, why does that game bring out the worst in all of us?!

I have always wanted to try jousting, mounted archery, and bull riding.

I believe that life is lived better without any service!! 24 hours without your phone? I DARE YOU!

Now that you know about me, I want to learn about you! Let's get some Chipotle and chat!!

Get the deets on working with me!